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Notice: Please note our store will be permanently closing August 30. All sales are final.

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Erin and Dani's Book Club

Erin and Dani's Book Club

Hey everyone! Happy new year and welcome to 2022. Have you ever found yourself loving a book so much once you are done reading it and need to share it with all your friends, family, and coworkers? Perhaps it made an impact on how you view certain things or situations in life. We get it, we love books too! Now more than ever relationships are so important in our day-to-day life, and it’s natural as us humans crave connection.

For all of those who have been with us on our reconciliation journey, and for those new to Raven Reads, we are here today to introduce you to our partnered venture, Erin and Dani’s Book Club. After every season of a subscription box being sent out and readers have had some time with the hand-picked book. Erin and Dani host an Instagram Livestream session for more discussion on the book and often have a live Q&A with the actual author of the book. Finally, they will also do a special unboxing on the most current box from Raven Reads.

Who is Erin and Dani you may ask? A bit more on these powerhouse Indigenous female avid book readers. Erin is a Linglit Alaskan who brings her inspiration from her Indigenous community online and off. Erin has a passion for literature and has read over hundreds of books and from around the world and could pretty much give you an honest review on all of them.

Dani Sally-Anne is a Red River Ojibwe from Dog Creek First Nation. Dani was born and raised in Winnipeg. Dani is also a blogger, an amazing dreamcatcher artisan, and has a passion for Indigenous Literature. Dani comes with a wealth of book knowledge, has her own YouTube Channel, and blog. There is pretty much nothing this woman can’t do.

Along with being amazing advocates for Indigenous Literature and Authors; Erin and Dani are also long time Raven Read Ambassadors and offer their very own discount code for your first-time subscription purchase. Happy reading and following, see you in the book club!

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