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Celebrating Indigenous Business

Celebrating Indigenous Business

At Raven Reads we love to celebrate other Indigenous businesses and to see so much diversity in offerings and tremendous talent out in the world. Recently we participated in an Indigenous business focused giveaway on Instagram and got to help highlight some amazing brands to our followers. Here are some of the brands we featured:

Manitobah Mukluks (CDN)

Manitobah Mukluks makes beautiful, waterproof, comfortable, warm and breathable winter boots and moccasins. Their Storyboot Project collaborates with elders and artisans and gives them all of the proceeds.  

Mother Earth Essentials (CDN)

Mother Earth Essentials is Cree-owned and makes luxurious bath & beauty products from natural ingredients and traditional recipes. They operate from a position of respect for the environment and traditional teachings.

Cheekbone Beauty (CDN)

Cheekbone Beauty is a cruelty free, sustainable and socially-conscious brand that was founded by Jenn Harper who is Anishinaabe. Cheekbone’s sales help fund Indigenous education. Their vision is that every Indigenous youth will see themselves and their value in the world.

Beyond Buckskin

Beyond Buckskin is a fashion brand that was founded by Jessica R. Metcalf (Turtle Mountain Chippewa). This North Dakota-based business highlights the work of more than 40 artisans. Their goal is to bring ancient designs, natural materials, and cultural stories to modern fashion.

Orenda Tribe

Navajo fashion brand, Orenda Tribe, takes an approach that is centred on sustainable design processes—handmade, restored and repurposed vintage, one-of-a-kind upcycling of textiles.It’s founder uses her brand to honor her Indigenous history, to protect sacred lands, and to help others.

OXDX Clothing

Tempe-based Diné owned OXDX Clothing brand founder Jared Yazzie sees a strong need to pull back to traditions and culture, to increase awareness of indigenous issues and to show the beauty of Native culture through art and fashion.

SheNative (CDN)

SheNative is a fashion brand with a mission to instill inner strength and unwavering confidence in all women, using teachings that come from Indigenous Nationhood. Founder Devon Fiddler built her brand from a love of fashion and ambition and aims to empower and inspire Indigenous women.


Ginew is the only Indigenous-owned jeans brand and reflects elements of Ojibwe, Oneida, & Mohican culture. They integrate family symbols and teachings into their clothing and they use pre-industrial processes to produce their products.


B.Yellowtail was founded by-Northern Cheyenne & Crow fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail. Their goal is to share authentic indigenous creativity with the world, while providing an empowering, entrepreneurial platform for Native peoples.


Shopping Indigenous is a great way to honour the First Peoples, to effect change within communities and to celebrate the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of Indigenous people. These brands are a great place to start and have a wide variety of beautiful,functional and inspired pieces you will enjoy. Where will you shop first?

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