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Raven Reads Rewards Program FAQs

Where do I go to review my points balance or get my unique discount code?

Please visit this link, and click “LOGIN” using your regular Raven Reads account log in.

How do I log into my account to see my points?

To begin, you will require a Raven Reads account and a log-in.

Please visit this link, and click “LOGIN” using your regular Raven Reads account log in.

Tip: Your log-in email will be the same one we send regular emails and shipping notifications to.

Note: It is important to click LOGIN and do not click JOIN NOW as this will create a brand-new account for you and you will not see the credits we may have already added to your account.

(No account? Please email who will check if you have an account.)

Once you are logged in, please confirm that you can see a “Reward Page” that looks like the following:

Image of screenshot of Raven Reads rewards program login page

How can I collect points for my birthday?

With our new rewards program, you can earn points simply for having a birthday!

Under “Ways to Earn”, please hover on “10 Points – Happy Birthday” and enter your date of birth. After this is complete the box should now look like this when you hover over it:

Image of screenshot of what the confirmation looks like when you enter your birthdate into the rewards program member dashboard

How do I apply my credits to a one-time gift or merchandise?

Under the “How to Use your Points” select which value of points you wish to redeem.

IMPORTANT: Once you click Redeem and click “Yes”, this will cash in your points and cannot be reversed without contacting Support.

Your unique discount code will now be shown, and you can click on the code to copy it to your clipboard. We highly recommend writing this down as well.

Screenshot image of the rewards member dashboard where you can redeem points

Now simply continue browsing our website and select which products you would like to add to cart.

Once you reach the checkout you can apply this code in the “Discount” field to receive your rewarded discount.

How do I apply my credits to my subscription renewal?

To apply these discounts to your next subscription renewal, simply email us at and send us a copy of your unique discount code and request to have it applied to your next renewal.

After that renewal has gone through, you can continue to apply your new points to future renewals.

Please note that we can only apply one discount code to your account at a time and applying this discount code will override any existing discount codes you may have on your account.

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