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Boys with Braids

Boys with Braids

As the school weeks starts to begin and students start to play, tease, and the inevitable bullying. Unfortunately, we live in a society where bullying has become the everyday norm, but what can we do as educators, teachers, and influencers do to help?

We can teach our own children not to tease boys with braids. Boys with braids have a strong cultural significance and it is not something that should not be made fun of. Hair is a sacred part of the body in Indigenous culture, the hair is a symbolism of strength, wisdom, and identity. For many they say your spirit lives at the base of your neck and spine which protects your spirit. The longer the braid grows to the earth the more grounded you feel.

For many men and boys wearing a braid it is an honour to pay attribute to their ancestors. It was not too long ago that the Residential School system was in full swing, and the boys had no say in which way they wanted to wear their way, their braids were cut off and were given a colonial hair cut style.

Teaching our children that boys with braids is of great significance and to respect and honour boys who chose to wear a braid. Show your children what boys with braids look like, explain the importance of the braid, or even grow your child’s hair in support, and if you see a child with a braid compliment them.

In recent years many campaigns have started to create awareness, for more information search #boyswithbraids

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