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Notice: Please note our store will be permanently closing August 30. All sales are final.

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SheNative Indigenous Impacts Gifts

Measuring Your Impact on Indigenous Business

Photo credit: Sweetmoon Photography.

Since our inception in 2017, we have had a tremendous impact and want to be sure we share this progress with you! As a subscriber you are helping have an impact on Indigenous and woman-owned businesses and we thought we would share some highlights from the impact you have had as a subscriber of our boxes.

  • Over 21,500 boxes distributed around the world since our launch in September 2017
  • $380,000 CAD spent directly on Indigenous businesses and authors to curate goods for our boxes
  • Over 35,000 books were distributed to subscribers
  • 78% of vendors are an Indigenous woman-owned

As a subscriber of Raven Reads, you are part of a special community of people looking to do and feel good. Looking beyond the physical box, these are all the great things you will experience as a subscriber in our community:

Measurable impact on Indigenous authors and entrepreneurs.
Since we started in 2017, and thanks to your subscriptions, we have put over $380,000 CAD directly into the hands of Indigenous entrepreneurs. AND 78% of those purchases, came from Indigenous women entrepreneurs and authors.

Help raise awareness of quality Indigenous brands and help spread the word to help grow their business.
Every season we ship a box, we are highlighting the names and products of Indigenous-owned businesses helping them gain brand awareness. Through the sharing of photos of your boxes and word-of-mouth, these businesses see even greater growth!

Find local and authentic Indigenous products and giftware to support.
We aim to provide QUALITY and not quantity. For each box, we carefully research products from hundreds of Indigenous-owned businesses across Canada and the US to bring you new and quality products that highlight the diversity of Indigenous commerce.
Want to learn more about our impact? Follow us on social media for the latest announcements and success stories!
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