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2019 Indigenous Gift Guide

2019 Indigenous Gift Guide

Support First Nation, Métis and Inuit entrepreneurs by shopping local and Indigenous this holiday season!

Our 2019 Holiday Guide features a collection of products and services from a few  incredible Indigenous entrepreneurs* across Canada. Every dollar you spend is spent on local business and goes right back to supporting their community and their social purpose.

*Raven Reads is not affiliated with any of the listed businesses. 100% of all proceeds made through the sales goes directly back to the independent retailers.


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Sweetmoon Photography - Sweetmoon Photography is the astounding creation of Tenille Campbell from English River First Nation and is based in Saskatoon, SK. She specializes in photographing people capturing beautiful imagery, personal stories and Indigenous experiences.

The Yukon Soap Company - The Yukon Soap Company provides natural, vegetable based, biodegradable, high quality soaps and body oils from the heart of the Yukon. All bars are hand cut and wrapped, and manufactured and packaged in an eco-friendly way.

SheNative – SheNative is an Indigenous apparel and accessory company designed to empower indigenous women. Their products include bags made from leather, t-shirts, sweatshirts and also tank-tops. 

Cheekbone Beauty – Cheekbone Beauty is an indigenous-based company in the makeup industry. Some of their products include, but are not limited to their best selling lipstick, contour and highlighter palette.

Sequoia Soaps – With items that ship internationally ranging from soaps to candles and Sweetgrass products, Sequoia provides scent and skincare products made from natural ingredients to spice up your day.

Satya Organic Skin Care – Satya provides a line of skin care products developed from organic oils, wax and plants that are combined into a paste that soothes and mends irritated skin problems like eczema. Their products come in different package forms like sticks, glass jars and compostable packets.

Helen Oro Designs – Helen Oro Designs makes available, indigenous beaded fashion accessories. Some of them include necklaces, earrings, head accessories, sunglasses and even purses and caps.

Nicola Valley Muay Thai – Different from other companies, Nicola Valley Muay Thai provides self-defence seminars and course programs to build confidence and awareness in Indigenous women and children. The programs they offer include martial arts training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai.

Kekuli Café – Located in Merritt and Westbank BC, Kekuli Café is an aboriginal owned cuisine/ cafe with a ranged menu including bannock-based meals, tacos and of course, drinks. They may have just 2 locations at the moment, but a visit to one is worth the journey!

Manitobah Mukluks – Manitobah Mukluks is only an indigenous owned company that provides just  waterproof mukluks and moccasins for the fare and extremely cold days, but also other accessories such as mittens and bags.

Mother Earth Essentials – The indigenous owned body and beauty company offers products made from natural ingredients and traditional recipes. A number of their products include essential oils, hair care products, soaps, candles and body lotions.

Neechie Gear – Neechie gear is a sports based apparel company that assists to empower unprivileged children to participate in sports. They hvave a range of hoodies, shirts and accessories.

River Select – River Select, a wild salmon fishery managed by BC aboriginals, offers salmon in various forms. Some of them include fillets, caviar and jerky.

Spirit Works – With a wide range of authentic aboriginal handcrafted products, Spirit Works creates custom designs and engravings on wood. Some of their products include jewellery, boxes, vases and public art.


Get stories and articles like this delivered directly to your inbox! Sign up to our email list to receive stories, news and exclusive offers.

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