Ambassador Program

About the Raven Reads Ambassador Program

Raven Reads ambassadors are highly motivated individuals who love our products and see reason and opportunity to share our social purpose with the world! We appreciate our ambassadors SO MUCH that we will give back 10% of revenue from each box every time your followers or customers make a valid Raven Reads purchase using your unique code*. We also send four (4) subscription boxes to our lovely ambassadors each year for review and promote on their social media channels and networks.

Requirements and How It Works

The steps to receiving commissions on every purchase are pretty straight forward! 

1.     First, complete the online application.

2.     If you are accepted, you will receive your first subscription box and your personal link to share with your followers. This unique link will record every sale made using the link and reward you accordingly. You will also have a dashboard where you are able to view the number of sales and the amount that has been made using the same link.

3.     You must be visibly promoting our products by posting pictures of the box that is sent to you on social media using ‘#ravenreads’ in each photo. Note that your social media accounts must be set as ‘public’ and not private, for us to be able to view the posts.

4.     Boxes are sent to you in January, April, July and October, and we would love to see at least 3 social media posts per box, with at least one of them showing the full contents of the box, for you to maintain your status as a Raven Reads Ambassador.

5.     Sell boxes and get paid!*

    That’s it! Free subscription boxes and cash every time you make a sale!*

    *You need to have earned at least $25 CAD to trigger the payout.

    How to Apply

    1.     Click on the ‘APPLY’ button at the bottom of the page to notify us about your interest in becoming a Raven Reads Ambassador.

    2.     We will review your social media page(s) after receiving your application to be sure that you are a good fit for us and our audience and can demonstrate that you have an authentic connection or interest in Indigenous culture or books.

    We greatly appreciate your interest and should you have any questions please email us at